Building A Brand Image for Your Food Business

Creating a strong brand image is vital to success in a ruthless marketplace.

Core elements for consideration include identifying your target market, knowing exactly who you are and what your company stands for and what your primary business goals are. If you don’t fully understand, how can consumers?

Hiring a professional food PR agency to co-ordinate campaigns should not be perceived as an option; harness the knowledge and experience of a team of proven experts for the best results. You are outstanding in your field but handling PR in-house and therefore without food marketing specialists is simply not good business sense. You, and your brand deserve better than guesswork, misplaced investments and focus on the least beneficial tools. A food PR agency like Ceres PR can guarantee an excellent return on investment because they know what works, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Food marketing channels:

  • Creative content which can be shared, brand storytelling falls in this category.
  • Outreach via digital channels: e.g. social media.
  • Website, blogs, articles, news updates.
  • Artificial intelligence. AI devices including Amazon Echo are an increasingly important target.
  • Using influencers e.g. vlogging chefs, blogging foodies with a following.
  • Food PR events: Stands, demonstrations.
  • Media: B2B and B2C.
  • Other innovative measures.

Communicate effectively

For a strong brand image, it’s imperative to tell the consumer what makes you different, why they should trust you and how the brand has a positive impact on them as a consumer and within their community. Messages must be consistent and promises delivered.

The consumer has a problem, the brand is their solution.

Relevance is at the root of all food PR agency activity; your brand relates to a need, desire or potential achievement for your consumer groups. The brand and its products serve market demand at the right price.

It is undeniable that technology has changed, and will continue to affect, consumer behaviour. People can interact with the brand digitally, build a relationship and a sense of loyalty and eventually become brand ambassadors by recommending and discussing your brand online.

Just being present on social media is not sufficient

Communication must engage and excite, an emotional tug on the heartstrings is highly beneficial to goal achievement. Each word typed, image used, and word spoken has a task, to work hard for you and the brand’s long-term strength.  Food PR company specialists prove their worth by producing communications that inspire the consumer to learn more or purchase. Your brand connects well with the consumer rather than them clicking away and moving on to your competitors.

Brand storytelling informs the consumer via a narrative; people enjoy stories and sharing them. As decisions are made using emotions and not logic, this is an essential tool. The emphasis has shifted within the last year from drawing people together despite their differences to focusing on an individual, their story and the consumer experience. Aldi and McDonalds, Microsoft, Toyota and Axa Insurance are excellent examples.

To learn more about consummate food marketing, contact a food PR agency today.