Managing The Growth of Your Company

Growth is an excellent problem to have in business, but it can seem overwhelming when you have to manage new employees, new clients, and different tax structures. Here are a few helpful ways to manage the growth of your company.

Affordable Office Supplies

When you have more work than your existing employees can do, you’ll have to hire more. Having new employees might require leasing a larger space and buying more furniture and computers. You can save on office furniture by buying pre owned cubicles. Also, Dell has an entire website dedicated to refurbished computers; you can save money and the planet at the same time. You are better off spending your money on wages and new products than on brand new office supplies.

Streamline your Software

Many businesses start by using free software and business tools that are available to them, such as excel and a personal cell phone. When you …

Essential and Often-Overlooked Managerial Responsibilities

If you own your business or if you are the manager of a branch of a larger company, you have many responsibilities. You must make sure that your clients’ needs are met and that your employees complete their jobs on time. These are important tasks, but you also need to remember smaller duties that affect your business’s success. In the midst of your busy schedule, make sure to budget time for these jobs.

Maintain Your Building’s Exterior

No one wants to patronize a business that looks run-down. Contract with street sweeping companies to clear the debris from your parking lot. Every spring, repaint the lines between parking spaces. Replace outdoor rugs and signs when they become faded from the sun. Clean the glass of your doors and windows to present a clear, well-kept face to your potential customers. Your employees will also enjoy coming to work more if the building’s exterior …