What You Should Ask When Hiring New Employees

As a manager, you are tasked with hiring high-quality and reliable employees to help maintain the high standards of your company. You want to bring in motivated, ethical people who will work hard and do what is right. When interviewing potential employees, make sure you consider and ask about the following.

Review Your Hiring Policies

As you begin the interview process, create a clear and concise presentation of your company’s hiring policy. Be sure to include all pertinent information such as the company’s minimum working age, personal drug screening Chicago requirements and anti-discrimination policies. Open each interview by presenting this to potential hires and clarify any questions he or she may have.

Learn About the Person

Employees want to feel valued and appreciated at work. You can create a welcoming environment right from the start by asking each potential hire a few questions about himself or herself. You can ask about interests outside of work, favorite movies or even just ask about his or her day. Be sure to share some things about yourself, as well! Take the time to enjoy a little casual conversation before diving into the interview.

Investigate Past Work History

Depending on the requirements of your company and of the job in question, potential employees may need a few years of previous work experience in a specific field. Ask for a resume at each interview. Check for any previous jobs held that are similar to the one you are offering, and ask clarifying questions to learn more about the specific skills learned in previous work.

Discuss the Potential Employee’s Strengths

The people you hire should be positive additions to your company. Each person has something different to offer, so ask each potential hire about his or her strengths and what he or she can offer to help your company. Be encouraging and enthusiastic when asking; many people are hesitant to celebrate personal strengths.

With carefully-chosen interview questions, you will be able to identify high-quality employees. Use this guide to help you during the interview process.