3 Ways To Keep Your Building Clean

If you own or manage a public building, it is important to keep it as clean as possible at all times. People do not want to be in buildings that do not take hygiene and cleanliness seriously. Here are three ways to keep your building as clean as possible.

1. Floors

Floors get dirtier than almost anything else in a public building. Dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pairs of shoes trek dirt and all kinds of other debris inside throughout the day. Different types of floors require different methods of cleaning. Commercial carpet cleaning services Orlando use vacuums while hardwood and tile floors need to be mopped or swept. Make sure your floors are getting the treatments they need.

2. Restrooms

Restrooms are notorious for being some of the grossest rooms in any building. The smells that tend to occur in and around toilets are not pleasant to the nose, and occasionally, accidents happen that make the experience even worse. Make sure that your bathroom cleaning regimen is intensive and addresses every possible gross scenario that could occur there.

3. Lights

You might be surprised how dirty the insides of light fixtures can get. Since they are generally too high up for most people to reach, they turn into magnets for dust particles and bugs. Many insects are attracted to light, so they tend to become bug graveyards anyway. That combined with how little people tend to interact with them creates a recipe for one of the dirtiest and most neglected areas of your building.

There are many areas of your building that you might never think to clean. This list only provides three of the most important ones. However, make sure your cleaning crew always does a thorough job so that you can keep your visitors and employees happy with the state of the building.