Upgrading Your Facilities? Here Are 3 Features You Need To Consider

Renovating your business headquarters means making a major investment in your home, whether it’s your current HQ building or a new acquisition you’re getting ready for occupancy. Unless you funded construction from the ground up, you’re going to need to add new property features, move others, and select the right ones to preserve if your upgraded HQ will provide your staff with all the locations they need to do their work. From the manufacturing floor to testing and quality assurance, front offices, IT, and warehousing, there’s a lot to consider. Here are three often overlooked upgrades that are worth checking as you build a plan for your renovation.

1. Escalators Between Office Floors

Finding the right place to locate a new escalator takes skill, which is why you’ll start with escalator consulting to help you decide if it will alleviate traffic and provide convenience to your staff and visitors in the viable locations for its installation. Adding an escalator helps speed foot traffic along in large facilities and also provides assistance to staff and visitors who have minor mobility issues that make stairs challenging.

2. Elevators for Access

If your business is working to be ADA compliant you need a way to provide accessible transportation to upper floors when you have a staff member or guest with mobility limitations. Often, an investment in an elevator when planning your building’s foot traffic patterns means providing that point of access ahead of a request. That makes your company look proactive while helping everyone with fast everyday travel around the site.

3. A Corporate Food Court

More and more medium-sized and large companies are investing in a food court with preparation and service space to lease to outside vendors. This allows them to provide on-site access to popular dining choices and custom tailored cafe menus alike. It also helps them ensure high quality, affordable food is accessible to employees within the time frames given for lunch breaks.

Let Your Staff Help You Choose

If you’re trying to decide which perks and extra features to provide alongside your space allocated to core business functions, it’s a good idea to let your team help you choose. Floating a survey through HR that allows ranked choice or even the nomination of new ideas means you get a better view of the on-site features that would be the biggest immediate benefit. It also gives your team a more immediate feeling of investment in the renovations you’re making, helping you focus morale just when you need them to pivot to the transition.