Essential and Often-Overlooked Managerial Responsibilities

If you own your business or if you are the manager of a branch of a larger company, you have many responsibilities. You must make sure that your clients’ needs are met and that your employees complete their jobs on time. These are important tasks, but you also need to remember smaller duties that affect your business’s success. In the midst of your busy schedule, make sure to budget time for these jobs.

Maintain Your Building’s Exterior

No one wants to patronize a business that looks run-down. Contract with street sweeping companies to clear the debris from your parking lot. Every spring, repaint the lines between parking spaces. Replace outdoor rugs and signs when they become faded from the sun. Clean the glass of your doors and windows to present a clear, well-kept face to your potential customers. Your employees will also enjoy coming to work more if the building’s exterior is welcoming.

Recognize Your Employees

Your employees must work hard every day to fulfill your clients’ orders. To improve their morale and the workplace environment, celebrate their accomplishments. Keep track of their birthdays and, depending on how many employees you have, have a birthday party every month or quarter. Stay informed on your employees’ personal lives and congratulate them on personal events such as getting married or having a child. When they do outstanding work or complete extra projects, be sure to thank them in-person as well as with a handwritten note. By showing your employees that you notice and appreciate their hard work, you will gain their greater respect and make them more likely to perform well in the future.