Three Things to Consider About Gas Station Construction

Gas station/convenience store combinations are not only lucrative businesses, but they can be important assets to a city neighborhood or a sprawling suburb. Once land and permits are acquired, careful planning goes into gas station construction to make sure that all regulations are followed to ensure safety. Choosing the right people to work with, paying attention to quality and keeping an eye on the money are all important parts of this kind of project.

Choose Contractors Carefully

To ensure the success of a gas station construction project, be sure to choose the general contractor and architect very carefully. Take the time to check out their past projects and talk to people they have worked for in the past. Did they complete projects on time and on budget? What were they like to work with? Don’t simply choose the lowest bid. Make sure the people you hire know what they are doing, or that decision could cost you later.

Don’t Cut Corners

Gas stations are highly regulated and there are serious penalties for not following the rules, but even so, there are ways to cut corners. Using cheaper, inferior materials saves money during construction, but will usually cost more in repairs down the road. The proper construction of the underground fuel storage tanks is very important because problems are very expensive to fix later.

Watch Cash Flow

Cash flow is important in any large project from building a house to an office building. Make sure the money will be available to pay contractors and bills for supplies before the project begins. Nothing slows construction down like workers who aren’t being paid.

While gas station construction is not a simple process, it can be made easier by paying attention to hiring quality contractors, using quality materials and securing reliable financing at the start. A gas station/convenience store is an investment that will pay off.