How a Company Retreat Can Strengthen Your Team

A manager can be very much like being a parent: You know your team’s quirks and patterns, their ebbs and flows. If you start to notice that there’s more ebb than flow and everyone seems like they’re stuck in a rut, it’s time for a good old-fashioned team-building exercise. Have you thought about taking your group on a company retreat?  Even the fine folks at need to take a break every so often; it’s good for the soul!

Breaking the Cycle

You see your team daily in the work setting, but getting everyone out breaks the monotony of the everyday. Bring everyone together outside of the office and see what they’re like as individuals and not as workers.

Come Together

An interesting thing happens when you bring a group of people together: Friendship! Your team can interact with those whom they don’t see on a regular basis, and new relationships can be built. Existing relationships are also strengthened as everyone gets out and does something different.

Brought Down a Notch

If you feel like there are some people on your team who need to settle their differences in a healthy, non-office setting, a retreat might be the ticket. Bring those who are experiencing their disagreements together and be the mediator as they work it out. Sometimes the fluorescent lights of the office combined with Linda’s new potpourri can heighten the tension.

Refresher for All

Sometimes getting away for a few days is enough to rejuvenate everyone and send them back to work feeling refreshed. Going away on a mini-vacation is a great way to breathe and feel better about going back in on Monday.

Sending the crew out for a little while doesn’t have to be a groan-fest. Have a great time with your team members while strengthening your bonds and friendships.