Let’s talk for a second about what the sun does do your skin. To start- most skin cancers are caused by sun exposure and the occurrence of skin cancer is rising. It’s now the most common of all cancers and is occurring at younger ages. UV rays also damage your skin over time. You may not notice it immediately, but in 20 years or so you will start seeing the damage caused by sun exposure, and not even the finest Gucci sunglasses can save you! Skin becomes more wrinkled, discoloured (age spots), and leathery. It loses its elasticity and sags more. Ugh sounds terrible.

We always think about the now though, I want to be tan for summer, I have a big trip I need to be tan for, I look better tan, I look skinnier, I look prettier… the list goes on and on. We’ve always tried self-tanners but then we run the risk of the “stinky tanning mom” jokes. How can we ever win?

Growing up in California it’s almost my duty to figure out how to keep a bronzed glow. I researched the best “spray tans” in my area and came across Heather Airbrush Tanning and decided to give it a try. 2 years later I’m hooked. The girls a total delight and perfectionists, they apply the tan slowly and perfectly with an airbrush. They’re cute and young and all have perfect tans themselves, so you automatically trust them. Their tanning product is an exclusive patented solution that comes in many different shades (I get the lightest shade because I prefer the most natural look.) And the best thing about the product is that it barely has a smell. I’ve tried every self-tanner and spray/airbrush tan out there- and this is incredible.

How it works? I shower in the morning and exfoliate my whole body really, really good. Don’t put on any makeup or lotion. Go get the airbrush tan (I go totally nude) but you can also wear underwear. Wear loose clothes and you can’t shower for 6-8 hours then just rinse off your body and you’re good to go. You’ll feel a million times better about yourself and like you’re glowing. It’s worth every penny.