Controlling access to exclusive areas and organizing the place with barricades is fundamental; learn how and why to manage crowds.

Planning a big event or structuring a place where a large number of people will pass requires a lot of knowledge. It is necessary, for example, to develop an operational plan, think about suppliers, hire employees for different jobs and establish marketing and sales strategies.

One of the main concerns of event, venue and program organizers that receive crowds is traffic control. Being careful with people traffic helps ensure the safety of everyone involved, both public and professionals, in addition to allowing everyone to have a good experience.

To create good traffic control, it is essential to provide a good physical structure, including items like barricade and fence, and to instruct the responsible team. Learn more about the importance of managing people traffic and know how to create good crowd control strategies.

What is crowd control?

Basically, the concept is about keeping everything about the event “under control” — …